"This is miracle and marriage.
This is the cedars sifting out their shadows
to keep them from falling between the grass
and the hollowed dirt where birds live, the weak spots
in the snow where new blades have pocked the ditches
and stand regardless,
at whatever thin angle..."

                                             —Leah Naomi Green


The Ones We Have

Leah Naomi Green's The Ones We Have turns a trenchant and beautifully observant eye to how we humans build our world; worlds both beautiful and dangerous, made up of the seemingly simple. . . . Relationship is precious, in Green's vision, and hard won. . . . These poems, their lyric intensity and tender power, will change the way you look at the smallest stuff of your life, and give you a vocabulary for saying, This life is never easy, but it is always worth it.

—-Suzanne Paola, author of The Lives of the Saints and Body Toxic: An Environmental Memoir

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