Just Past Dew Point

In this beautiful natural round of poems, Georgia Johnson proffers us the
language of Yes. Yes the shovel-scarred skin of potato, yes the scent of
blueberries in a hot summer field, yes the fragility of desire, yes the piquancy of
humor, yes the transmutation of death. These tender, open-hearted poems are
praise songs to the Skagit Valley where she lives, to the people who sustain one
another, to the tasting of a whole wide world in one ecstatic bite. Peel back the
cover and dig in—Georgia’s mastery of the image is sure to delight, provoke,
and satisfy.

—Nancy Pagh, poet, author of Once Removed

In her long-awaited collection, Georgia Johnson brings us tasty, tantalizing, and
startling reports from the world of the senses. Whether focusing on friends,
family, fellow poets, or the familiar scents of her dog, her poems are sensuous
hymns of praise to common experience. Georgia’s poems gather lovingly the
things and people of her world and share them generously with the reader in
language that is buoyant, sumptuous, dazzling, and true.

—Tim McNulty, poet, author of Ascendance


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